The Golden Globes 2019

As a freelance artist and designer clients coming back to you is great. And when that client is one of the worlds biggest brands that is really, really great. I first worked with the Golden Globes 3 years ago, During 2016 I had a quite tough personal year navigating the pot holes in lifes roads and remember sat in a public library over Christmas 2016 drawing up the proposals for 2017’s show and it really was like some sort of weird beacon of positivity for my mindset at that time. To say I was honoured when they got in touch the year after would be an understatement and we developed some animations and branding based on it being the 75th edition and was a great moment to see it playing on loop at the Red Carpet at the show

So, when end of 2018 came around and I was asked again I couldn’t have been happier, it truly was (and will always be) a dream come true but this year there was a challenge… 

Golden Globes 2017, Golden Globes 2018

Golden Globes 2017, Golden Globes 2018

Year 1 & 2 were a slightly different approach, I was drawing the ornate flourishes and details a lot in my personal work and that seemed a really good ‘fit’ for the Globes brand and we opted for the ’stop frame’ animation style which from a technical point of view is a more straightforward approach to production. However, this year felt like it was time to push things on and we wanted to try something a little different. 

My Flickr Account, 2010

My Flickr Account, 2010

Back in 2010 (Pre-Instagram for me!) I was publishing type work to Flickr and I had began experimenting with a style of repeating lines around text, giving the lettering warped abstract 3Ds (see above). I revisited it a few times then, fast forward to about 18 months ago I was approached to work for a big brand (Sadly, I’m not allowed to say who or show the work) to design a mountain bike and after some research I decided to try and mix this lettering and lined 3D concept with the gradients found on mountains and hills on maps - You know, those big fold out paper things before Google maps took over everything. Anyway, They matched really well and you could blend the gradient lines seamlessly with the lettering and it seemed a perfect fit. The bike got designed and at the last minute the project took a completely unexpected different direction and the bike never saw the light of day. It happens.

…But, I had developed this ‘thing’ now that didn’t really have a commercial home that I really enjoyed producing so I just keep revisiting it through personal works waiting for a project that would be a good fit. Social media can be a great ‘sketchbook diary’ for me at times where you have the freedom of publishing experiments, some that work, some that don’t, some you revisit, some you bury there and then. 

Lines 1.jpg

I always really liked how the lines give such direction and movement and wondered if there was anyway I could animate the lines I was drawing to enhance that movement further and further so had started experimenting with that to see how far I could take it….(The videos of these are on my Instagram page here.)

Lines 2.jpg

Anyway, after getting the call and working through December with the Globes team and coming up with a selection of directions we opted for this treatment for this years show as it had a really nice connection - gradient lines for the Globes.

Lines 3.jpg

Production was a real challenge this time around, it was the first time I had ever combined animations with stop frame as we wanted the ‘bouncing’ warped perspective but also wanted to include the realtime movement of the sheen of gold leaf and glitter as they were applied to the lettering. I used a light box and A3 paper to draw each frame, before scanning and lining up every frame in Photoshop. It has meant that I did very little else for the last few weeks as the deadline got closer and closer.

A selection of the individual drawn frames.

A selection of the individual drawn frames.

And that was that - saved, sent, the kettle turns on and the waiting begins… Check my Instagram account here to see the finished videos…

Globes Lady Gaga 1.jpg

So I guess, if there has to be a moral of the story or something I have learnt along this journey it is that just because you develop something, it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be an immediate home for it and even when it seems it finally does find a home (The mountain bike) that then doesn’t work then that still doesn’t mean it is over…